Thursday, September 4, 2014

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Part 34

Awesomeness stalls for no scale

Even more action poses featuring MG Sinanju Ver. Ka after the previous posting. ^^

The Boss pose, nicely done when it's in mere inner frame form, made even cooler now that the kit has been completed. ^^

One of the action poses shown in the manual of the OVA version.

The pose of a just-launched Sinanju allows all of its thrusters to be displayed in full glory, ...

... when the model is viewed from the back that is. ^^

The firmness of the binder arm in holding the shield is very impressive too. ^^

A comparison with its HGUC equivalence:

The HGUC version was a no-paint-no-panel-line straight build by the way. ^^

Standing side by side, the similarity is nothing more than two model kits of the same MS, but when scale is discarded, it's amazing how almost everything looks identical between the two kits. ^^

[Upper body]





[Beam rifle]


[Beam sword/ax]

[Beam saber]

Appearance-wise, the HGUC version looks pretty much like a carbon copy of this Master Grade Ver. Ka kit, albeit in a smaller scale. ^^ Assembly and engineering-wise, they are completely different. ^^ A polycap-less MG kit with a full ABS inner frame versus a rather typical HG kit is able to realize almost all of its larger counterpart's gimmicks. ^^ They may look the same, but they sure don't feel the same in terms of their construction. That's what I like about products like Gunplas, and Transformers. ^^ The same mecha may get released again and again in different merchandise format, but they all work in different ways, and are always packed with unique features that can be used to tell them apart. For Gunplas, it's usually ways to assemble them; for Transformers, it's their transformation design. Looking at the different designs, and trying to figure out the ideas behind the different execution (the different merchandises) can be a very fun experience as well. ^^

Given the many weapons included for Sinanju, you can show off both the MG, and the HGUC version on top of Sinanju's Action Base 1, and still have them wielding weapons that aren't repeated between them. ^^

The HGUC version is being supported by the display stand from Action Base 2.

Comparison with MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka, and MG Sazabi to conclude this very long review series next. ^^

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