Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BB Senshi Sangokuden Shusou Doven Wolf Part 1

The awkward green guy in Ryubi Gundam's camp

It's been quite a while since I last built a BB Senshi Sangokuden kit. It's time to start on a new one then. The one I picked is Shusou Doven Wolf.

As we are getting the TV anime "Shin" series right now, it's perhaps important for me to indicate that this is the first manga version.

Shusou Doven Wolf as depicted in the manga is a former bandit who becomes Kan-U Gundam and Kanpei Gundam's companion when the three of them are imprisoned by Sousou Gundam. Like Kan-U Gundam and Kanpei Gundam, Shusou Doven Wolf wields a giant pole weapon, a triple combined ax called Sanzoukeki (三爪戟), which is constructed by him from a rack of weapons found on the way when the three try to escape from the prison. That depicts him as a warrior with abnormal strength.

The demon armor on his left shoulder and the dragon motif on his front skirt armor are clear design points of his affiliation with Kan-U Gundam, but he's still quite an awkward member of Ryubi Gundam's team, as he's the only mono-eye warrior in the camp, not to mention the only non-Gundam one as well. ^^

Anyway, a mono-eye unit with spikes and wields a giant ax is an instant get for me. ^^


The special premium as indicated on the box is this souvenir pin.

All runners, foil stickers and polycap.

Unused parts that are from one of Ryubi Gundam's runners, molded in black.

All parts for this kit.

As usual, parts are stored in separate paper boxes to differentiate between the components.
On second thought, that might not be necessary at all. ^^;

Straight assembly just to have a look. ^^

Quite a lot of details require painting and panel-lining to be revealed. ^^;

One of the runners for this kit, the black one with parts for the back of the head, body and legs are actually from Ryubi Gundam. Funnily enough, this feature is shared by another close member, Kanpei Gundam, for he has the same reused runner, only in white.

When Kanpei Gundam was released and I saw the content, I was thinking how convenience it was for Bandai to reuse Ryubi Gundam's runner on such an unrelated character (Gundam RX-78-2 vs S Gundam), but when Shusou Doven Wolf was released and the runners revealed, I couldn't stop but to imagine that there might be some hidden humor when the designer was coming up with the plamo kit for the two characters. Similar color scheme, giant golden shoulder armor, giant weapon, and then similarity in Gunpla parts. That's most certainly a strange bond between Kanpei Gundam and Shusou Doven Wolf for being the subordinates of Kan-U Gundam. ^^

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