Monday, February 7, 2011

Figma Meiya Mitsurugi Part 2

Lucky me, or unlucky me

A look at the various accessories of Figma Meiya Mitsurugi after the introduction yesterday.

All the option parts included.

Option face part.

Sword and sheath.

Shiny metallic finishing for the blade.

Nicely done details for the grip and cross-guard.

An entirely red scabbard with fixed white stripes wrapped around the body. The paint result for some of the corner is a bit messy. ^^;

3 sets of option hand units.
According to the item description on Good Smile Company's website, including the ones on the figure itself, it should be left and right pair for each set (左右各4種類が付属します)...

... but I got 2 identical right hands for holding the sword. ^^;
As the result of this, my Meiya is totally right-handed when wielding her sword. ^^;

Factory defect I suppose, but with me getting two right hands, I wonder anyone out there getting two left hands instead for Figma Meiya. ^^;

A joint between her massive ponytail allows the lower half of the hair to be lifted.

The white stripes can swing to the left and right independently of the hair.

The blue and white gradient on her hair is very beautiful. ^^

Tiny crests on the left and right shoulders can be seen very clearly.

The left open type hand unit can be used to hold the scabbard.

The very unique design of the feet - the hill-less high heels XD
The delicate paint for all the tiny details is very impressive.

Action poses featuring Figma Meiya coming in the next posting, which will be the last one for her. ^^


Terrorhunt said...

Don't sweat it, man. I too, have 2 right hand for my Figma Meiya. Though the 2 hands are not completely the same, it's just that one of the right hand holds the sword in a slight angle.

Anonymous said...

you should compare her head with the gp 02 head...
By the way,now you must play to the VN.