Sunday, February 13, 2011

MG Infinite Justice Part 17

The plane flies you

Assembling Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam's distinctive Fatum-01 backpack/lifter unit this time:

Parts for the beak.

Adding on the main body part and wing joints.

Very elaborate details on the main body and inside the joints.

Interior parts for the backpack/lifter unit's locking mechanism.

Main body completed.

The mount racks in normal backpack mode.

Rather simple locking mechanism to ensure that the entire backpack stay in place when it's lifted upward in the sub-flight mode.
Very stiff ABS parts are very hard to adjust ^^;

The yellow fin can be adjusted downward in backpack mode, with a dedicated slot in the double joint to hold it.

Seamless connection between the beak and the main body. ^^

Parts for one of the wing units.

Parts for the twin cannons.
Plenty of parts because of the accurate color distribution. ^^

The cannon can be adjusted upward for a wide degree.

Details on the rack behind the cannon.

Connected the cannons to the backpack.

The cannons can be pushed to the front and to the back.

With the wings expanded.

With the wings retracted.
Linked mechanism allows the wings to "pop up" when the left and right blocks beside the main body is pulled outward. Simple yet very effective design. ^^

The joints allow the wings to be tilted upward for a limited angle.

Not sure the exact reason for this function to be added, but the look of the backpack as a lifter (I would rather call it a separate support unit ^^) has just been improved greatly. ^^

More images on the details.

The lifter mode works perfectly on a display base.

The handles beneath the wing blocks are a bit short, but they work just fine.
The extension part connecting the display base to the backpack as mentioned in Part 14 can be seen as well.

The lifter is supported by the display stand but the model kit itself is not. It's only hanging on to the lifter via the two little handles. Logically, that's how it should work, but for the kit itself, it's not too healthy for the hand units at all, since they are carrying the weight of the entire model. ^^; This is perhaps the only time I showed off the lifter mode, the whole inner frame isn't too heavy so the stress on the hand units is somewhat lesser than when all the armors are added later on.

As a backpack and sub-flight unit, the design is pretty cool. The linked movement between the body and wings is very simple, but is still something new when compared to MG Strike Freedom Gundam and Destiny Gundam.

Armoring up Infinite Justice Gundam in the next posting.

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Niko Mr. Pink said...

Cool! And I just bought the MG IJ last week xD..Don't have plans on building it yet, I'm still busy at some school stuffs xD