Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MG Infinite Justice Part 14

The multipurpose shield

Restarting, or rather finishing my Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam that was left on the shelf since mid December last year. ^^

Like the previously done Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth, Gundam F91 and Destiny Gundam, I'll build the entire inner frame of the kit first before putting on the armors. The weapons will go first:

Parts for the beam rifle.

Details on the body.

Parts for the shield.

The core portion of the shield.

All separable components: the actual shield, beam boomerang, beam shield generator and grappling claws.

Movable parts on the beam boomerang and claws for their deployment.

Simple push mechanism to elevate the middle portion of the shield for deploying the beam shield or claws.

All the separable components fit onto the shield very nicely.

Beam saber parts and string for the grappling claws.

Beam sabers and the combinatorial part.
Unlike Strike Freedom Gundam or Freedom Gundam, part-swapping is required to link the beam sabers. It's more troublesome, but the look of the individual beam saber is better.

The beam saber handles are pretty long at about 5cm each.

The combined beam saber is a massive weapon. ^^

The extra part to connecting to the display base has a dedicated space to store the detached parts for either the individual or combined beam sabers.

Extra parts of either beam saber modes fit inside the display base part nicely.

The string links the claws to the shield.

The claws are light enough for the string to support it without extra part.

The beam boomerang can stay on the shield and act as a beam sword, which makes it looks very much like that of Providence Gundam.

Beam shield part.

Very nice prism effect of the beam shield. ^^

Moving on to the arms and legs in the next posting.

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