Saturday, February 12, 2011

MG Infinite Justice Part 16

Details... details... details...

Finishing up with the entire frame of Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam in this posting. ^^

Parts for the body.

The pilot figure of Athrun and cockpit area that were covered in Part 11 and 12 respectively.

The core body unit.

Adding on the neck part and shoulder joints.

Simple snap-on mechanism to assemble the shoulder joints onto the body unit.

Shoulder joints can be bent forward for a wide degree.

Some details inside the shoulder joints "survive" the assembly. ^^

Details on the side the rear portion of the body.

Upper body completed.

Very few and simple parts for the waist.

Lower body completed.

Hip joint can swing outwards (and then fixed by the rear skirt armor) for more dynamic-looking poses.

Kneeling pose is very natural-looking. ^^

Connecting the upper and lower bodies.

Releasing the tab on the spine allows the upper body to be bent backward.
This is a prominent design for all the MG Gundam SEED Destiny kits (except Force Impulse Gundam I think).

Done with the entire frame, let's have a look at what it can do. ^^

The boss pose XD
Can never beat Sinanju in terms of look no matter how well articulated those shoulder and elbow joints are I would say XD

How about stretching the arms to the back? ^^
I'm quite sure this pose is not really possible when the backpack comes on later. ^^;

A conclusion to the great articulation design of this kit. ^^

Posing with the beam sabers, the easiest weapon to wield on the list. ^^

As expected right from the beginning, the level of details on the entire inner frame is just amazing. All the intended visible areas are covered with some sort of details, and by "intended" I mean the top and rear portion of the feet are not included. ^^; Those huge studs on that part clearly signal the only details to be seen are on the bottom side instead. Larger areas like the body, forearms, thighs and legs are rigged with mechanical details. However, proportionately, I would say all the components are full of details. As covered in the pre-assembly postings, many smaller parts like the cockpit, elbow joints, the tab on the spine and many others are extremely detailed as well. Most of them aren't going to be as visible as the larger components too, and that has to tell you something about the effort put in by the designer in creating a realistic humanoid machine with all these mecha details, instead of just parts that come together to form a model kit.

With that said, I like the outcome of this kit very much, even at this incomplete level. Then again, after building MG Strike Freedom Gundam and Destiny Gundam, the entire inner frame seems somewhat generic for its design now. The intricate linked movement of the knee, body unit, shoulder and elbow joint are somewhat like the conclusion of the design points from the two mentioned MGs. Even the expansion of the hip joints is not a new thing after Unicorn Gundam. Many of Infinite Justice Gundam's distinctive components, for example the head, beam blades on the legs, model kit specific functions like the expansion of the side skirt armor, backpack (especially) are either not part of the inner frame, or they don't have a separable inner frame block on their own (the backpack in particular). This holds true with the complete inner frame of MG Strike Freedom Gundam, which is why I call it "generic". ^^;

I mean, as long as the proportion is OK, you can modify the armors from other model kits and slap them onto MG Infinite Justice Gundam's inner frame and you can get an upgraded version of the original Gundam I believe. ^^

And of course, taking into consideration that if 5,250 Yen (inclusive of tax for MG Infinite Justice Gundam) for just 1/3 of the content for the modification work is acceptable, then it's OK :)

Moving on to the backpack in the next posting. ^^


Chris said...

The boss pose os Sinanju. I think I saw it first from Z, who got it from Gurren Langann, if not mistaken.
Didn't the expansion of the hip joints start from MG no.101, Destiny Gundam?

Busterbeam said...

superior work