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MG Infinite Justice Part 22 [Final]

The great gathering

A very photo-extensive last posting for Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam. ^^

A separate display stand is required to show off the lifter itself on the same base as the Gundam.

Sharp silhouette and extensive details make the lifter pretty awesome to be displayed separately from the Gundam. ^^

Attaching the beam cutters to the lifter's wings.

Using the generic Gunpla stand is a lot easier to create more dynamic poses for the lifter,...

... and is a lot easier to display model itself too.

Recreating the box art action pose.

Full beam-lized XD
Forgot to attach the beam shield actually. ^^;

Finally, bringing out the family, friend and enemies of Infinite Justice Gundam for a grand photo shoot. ^^

With its predecessor Justice Gundam (1/100 scale), which is unfortunately left without a Master Grade release so far.

The 1/100 scale version of Infinite Justice Gundam would be a much close match in terms of color I believe.

While the level of details and proportion are far apart between the two, similar design patterns can still be found on various components of the body.

The twin cannon that obstruct Justice Gundam's view is simplified on its successor. I *wonder* why XD
For the earlier, its head needs to be detached before the backpack can be lifted to the front - same design for 1/100 scale Infinite Justice Gundam. The MG version successfully eliminated this limitation.

Good to see that the old 1/100 scale kit can stand well with the backpack lifted after so many years. ^^

Comparison between the backpacks.
The details are out of the questions of course. ^^;

With its brother unit - Strike Freedom Gundam (Master Grade).

With its arch-rival, Destiny Gundam (Master Grade).

Equally massive wings for both Gundams.

Beam rifles that are pretty close in design.
The nozzle of Destiny Gundam's rifle is unbelievably tiny in comparison. ^^

With 1/100 Legend Gundam.

Not surprising to see how short Legend Gundam is as compared to Infinite Justice Gundam because of different Gunpla series.
As a matter of fact, MG Infinite Justice Gundam is the tallest among the four it seems. ^^

Completion of the final four. ^^

Destiny Gundam wins the display stand height contest it seems. XD
Also, it turns out that Strike Freedom Gundam is the only kit among the four with decals applied. ^^

Too troublesome to pull a vs-Destiny Gundam pose as seen from the anime after the gathering of the four so I'll just abandon that idea. ^^;

An awesome Master Grade kit this is. It's in every aspect an entry in the "Gundam SEED Destiny" sub-series with the trademark lavish inner frame details, great articulation (with very similar part design and gimmicks for the various joints when compared to the other releases from the same sub-series) and of course, massive backpack that take up about one third of the overall assembly. ^^

As mentioned in Part 16, I don't see much new design elements in this kit per se, apart from the linked movement gimmick of the backpack's wings that was introduced in Part 17. The design and ability of the joints, assembly method and level of details are pretty much conclusions from other MGs before this kit. Of course there's nothing wrong about this, but it did make me think how much further the designer can push out new design elements for other MG releases from the universe of Gundam SEED. While the details and everything are awesome, I definitely do not hope that all these design features would become a template for other future releases.

Then again, that was my feeling when this kit was released two years ago. Looking at the many new joint feature designed for Astray Blue Frame Second Revise that was out exactly one year after Infinite Justice Gundam, I think it's fair enough to say that there can be no limitation to what Bandai can come out with to refresh their Gunpla design. ^^

This is the second last MG from "Gundam SEED Destiny" in my collection. I have Force Impulse Gundam yet to be assembled, but not anytime soon I believe. ^^;

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