Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MG Infinite Justice Part 20

Not suited for ground combat either

Action poses of the just completed Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam.

The same comment I made about the previous two models from "Gundam SEE Destiny" reviewed on this site - MG Destiny Gundam and 1/100 Legend Gundam, Infinite Justice Gundam doesn't really look good on the ground. ^^; While there's no problem for the leg joints to support the entire model, the backpack does seem wasted in those poses. ^^; While the kit itself doesn't come with a stand, it's a must to fully expand the potential of the model.

The backpack is being mighty helpful there in supporting the model's kneeling pose XD

One of the two connectors included to mount the model onto Action Display Base 1. This one is the more standard type.

Attaching the part does not affect the hip joint's expansion gimmick at all.

As mentioned in Part 17, a pair of locks secure the positions of the mount racks when changing the backpack to sub-flight mode.

With the wings bent upward.

More action poses and a few more gimmicks of this model in the next posting.


daydrm said...

If I recall SEED Destiny correctly, none of the hero MSes had any ground combat. Destiny, Legend, Strike Freedom & Infinite Justice never fought on the ground.

Chris said...

If that's the case, then why would they need legs? XD
Oh right, IJ needs it for some kicking action.