Thursday, February 17, 2011

MG Infinite Justice Part 21

Suddenly, overweight

Continue with the adventure of Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam. ^^

Another type of connector to mount the model to Action Display Base 1: one large pedestal-like part supporting the backpack and one extension part between the rack and the display base.

You can choose one of the six slots on the rack to connect to the display base. I suppose it's safer to go for the middle one. ^^

While the look is OK, it's a great stress to the joint on the display base unfortunately. Since only the backpack is supported, the Gundam itself, which is heavier, caused the weight to be unevenly distributed to the front portion of the base.

Athrun's more favored weapon: twin beam saber.
The conventional hip mount rack is the way to go. ^^

The Kick of Death XD

Shield on shield XD

Can't really remember when was the grappling claws being used in the anime. ^^;

The beam boomerang can also double as a cool-looking beam saber if you like. ^^

Not much application for the pilot cockpit. ^^;

Another batch of action poses featuring this kit, with focus on the sub-flight unit in the next posting. ^^

And some surprises too. ^^

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