Monday, February 28, 2011

Revoltech Sanada Yukimura Part 2

Combo trident!

An introduction on Revoltech Yamaguchi Sengoku Basara Sanada Yukimura's weapons and accessories:

All items from the top layer of the content.

Option face part with eyes gazing to the right will be kind of a limitation to certain poses, since you can show him looking to his left side with this face part (obviously) ^^;

Generic pair of option hand units for holding his tridents.

RevolChip worth 10 points.

Apart from the shininess of the plated treatment, the design on the cross guard is pretty nice as well.

RevolContainer that is only good for smaller items.

You can definitely forget the intention of storing the trident blade parts inside the container. ^^;

Items from the bottom layer of the content.

The red head band tail and hair part do not come off easily from the plastic tray, so caution is required to not break any of them.

Attaching the parts to the head.

A slot on the sole connects to the effect display base, and corresponding to Sanada's color, the base is red.

The largest accessories: 3 poles for the tridents.

Very accurately painted details on the body of the pole.

Individual trident is 18.5cm in length each.

Combined trident is 30cm in length.
A massive weapon!

More images of the figure for display:

A look at the accessories and more images of Date Masamune in the next posting.

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