Friday, February 18, 2011

The Return of the Rock to the WWE

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Image is from Wrestling 101.

Haven't been watching WWE for six or seven years now, it's electrifying to get this 3 days old news from an old partner in crime of this interest. ^^

After so many years out of WWE, the Rock announced his return to the ring on WWE Raw February 14th. He is announced to be the host for Wrestlemania 27.

The Rock's appearance on WWE Raw February 14th Part 1.
Link is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

The Rock's appearance on WWE Raw February 14th Part 2.
Link is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

To quote the Rock who is seemingly at the brink of shredding his tears in the first video, "I give you my word, I'm never ever going away". Quite surprising to hear that since his career in acting is working very well right now. It's definitely not easy reprising an old role in the same arena after all these years. Even though he turned 40 just a few years ago - still very young I mean (especially when you compare him with people like the Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels), what will his role be in the WWE after so many years of absence is probably going to be just as anticipatable as to what he's going to do at Wrestlemania 27 (April 3rd, Atlanta, Georgia).

But hearing the Rocky chant after so many years. Boy, that's pretty awesome. ^^

I watched quite a bit of wrestling when I was younger, at the time when it was still WWF not E. While the star I supported all the way then was Kane, the Rock is way more interesting on and off the ring. His random trash-talking were more interesting to watch than some of the other matches. ^^; I kept on watching WWE after the Rock left, but ultimately stop following the news not too long after Kane unmask himself. Too many people I like left the ring, too many I don't really care about going in. With the return of the Rock, I think I'll start watching the show again, at least picking up from nil after so many years. ^^


sl619 said...

one of my fav characters in the WWF some time ago. But same with you bro, too many stars left and i stopped watching too. Will definitely catch this year's wrestlemania though. XD

ErazEr said...

I'm more of the Steve Austin guy, but i loved their keyfable rivalry on stage then becoming allies kicking the Mcmahon a$$ for a long time.

and yea sadly many of the favorites left some under new gimmicks then the drug issues made me stopped watching for over 8 years