Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Transformers 3 Optimus Prime's Awesome Trailer

All hail glorious truck trailer wings

When I'm still trying to get over the somewhat awkward gattai of Optimus Prime and Jetfire from the second movie...

According to the source, this is Transformers Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime (Mechatech is the product series name I suppose), which will be released in August at USD79.99. The trailer functions as a weapon container, command center, and obviously from the images above, it can also dock with the bossman for his "ultimate" (since the name says so) power-up suit.

From the latest 36-second trailer for the "Transformers: Dark of the Moon", Optimus Prime does have a new flight unit with huge forearm projectile weapons, but no such large wings though.

There's always some room of inconsistency between the movie realization of the character and the toy design, and we haven't get enough information about how Prime will be like in the actual movie - I suppose the only time when we can confirm on that is when the movie is out in July this year. So I wonder if we're really going to see Prime with such a huge wing pack in action, because honestly, it's very ridiculous-looking in my opinion. ^^; Given how the bits and pieces of the vehicle break off and integrate into the characters' robot mode when they transform, it's quite silly to give the trailer such simple transformation design, where people can guess how it works right away. ^^; And having boxes wrapping up Prime's legs is bad for action I believe. ^^

The details on those wings are very cool though.

Images are from i09.

The new trailer as mentioned for those who haven't watch it when it was out 2 days ago:

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.


Q said...

As some people have mentioned on a local forum that I dwell today, the first picture has resemblance to Gundam X or even Double X XD

Unknown said...

I just noticed it from the screen cap that prime's nice flight pack at the end also has an x-wing design...I wonder if that was a glimpse at the ultimate gear. I remember how the jet powered prime toy wasn't exactly accurate to the movie version.hmm,curious...

Anonymous said...

In the trailer, it looks like he sheds the wings after landing. Seems to me like it's more for assisted flight than an actual suit. The toys, more often than not, don't just embellish designs but embellish their features and functions, too.

sl619 said...

The one shown in the trailer is actually Jetwing Optimus Prime which will be release somewhere in May/June this year by Takara. It will look something like the voyager class Jetwing Optimus from ROTF but in leader class format. ^^