Saturday, February 5, 2011

FW Ultimate Operation Gundam Ez8

Before Gundam STANDart...

Back to a little bit of activity, and Gundam on this blog. ^^

This is Ultimate Operation Gundam Ez8, an older shokugan release by Fusion Work - so old the company discontinued this series for quite a while already. ^^; As of recent releases, Fusion Work is more renowned for its long-running Gundam STANDart series (announced up till Vol. 9 already), the very young Gundam Converge (unconfirmed release announced up till Vol. 3), and a few other independent series, including the very lovely Gundam Double O Ring of Meisters set released in October last year and Macross F Nyan Nyan Heroine Set.

This particular figure of Gundam Ez8 is very special to me because it's one of the many nice presents given to me by Dennis when I visited Singapore July last year. My special thanks to him for giving me such an exclusive item. ^^

Special metal plate included with the figure. Has a hole on the top left corner that allows you to make it your personal chain? Just for hardcore Gundam Ez8 fans I suppose XD

The candy included for this figure - didn't eat it. Consuming something that has so much collectible value is forbidden on my book. XD

Package's backdrop design.

Preview of the other figures from Ultimate Operation Vol. 3.

Content includes the storage container and shield.

Standing 9cm tall, the figure is ready for display right out of the box.

The face is accurately painted. The unit marking on the chest can be clearly seen as well.

Mounting the shield to the forearm.

Even the bottom of the shoes is designed with some line details.

Part-swapping to get the storage container-type backpack, but it's a bit too heavy for the figure to handle ^^; The entire backpack is a solid piece it seems.

Some level of articulation on this figure:

Head is movable.

Shoulder and upper arm are movable.

Wrist can be turned as well.

Position of the shield can be adjusted.

A little bit of movement for the waist.

With another two Gundam Ez8s in my collection. ^^

The Master Grade version and the old HG 1/144 scale equivalence.

The skirt armor design of this figure is very different from that on the Gunpla version. The latter is shorter and more conventional-looking; the figure on the other hand, is a full-fledged double plated version, which doesn't seem out of place at all. ^^ As a matter of fact, almost all the figures from FW Ultimate Operation series are designed to be heavily armored, Gelgoog Cannon from this series (Vol. 3), Char's Customized Zaku II from Vol. 2, Zaku II from Vol. 4, Guntank from Vol. 6 and many others all seem pretty beefed-up in terms of their armors. ^^

Also, the darker paint scheme on the figure makes it rather outstanding when compared to the rest of the family. The not-so-obvious weathering effect makes it seem like a very practical combat unit in my opinion.

A comparison with FW Gundam STANDart Kampfer.

Looks more dynamic as compared to the plain standing pose of Kampfer. ^^

A small figure with great paint scheme and marking details, this Gundam Ez8 is a very nice display item. ^^ My thanks to Dennis again for this great present. ^^

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Q said...

Interesting. Fusion Works made both FW Ultimate Operation and STANDart :o No wonder the Kämpfer and Ez8 are roughly of the same height there, with FW Ultimate Operation being some kind of a predecessor to STANDart! :o

Anonymous said...

Neat. I've never even heard of the fusion works line before.