Thursday, February 24, 2011

HG 1/144 00 Gundam & O Raiser Part 3

Add-on that is just for show

Smooth sailing so far for this HG kit it seems. ^^

Basic panel-lining for the body parts.

A little bit of extra work can be applied to get the pilot cockpit on this kit. The part separation (the white V-fin of the chest being a separate part) and the cockpit's location (on a pretty flat surface on top of the chest) make the task very simple to do actually.

A look at the design on the Perfect Grade version.
Image is from

Just measured and cut out a piece of foil sticker appropriate to the dimension of the cockpit hatch, and paint the whole area with Gundam Marker Gray. As shown on the PG version, the entire neck area should be in gray.

When the paint dried, panel-line the border of the foil sticker for an instant cockpit hatch. ^^

The surrounding area inside the yellow collar is painted in gray as well.

Edges inside the chest vents are painted black using a normal marker to create a contrast against the blue armor and yellow vent parts.

Painted the bottom portion of each slot on the GN Drives using normal metallic green marker. Very narrow spaces require toothpicks to be used for this work.

The "circles" on the body are painted in the same color as well. Wider and more exposed areas for this parts means they can be painted directly using the pen.

Some parts on the foot need to be painted in gray as well.

Referencing the painted examples from the manual.

Painted gray for the ankle area, which extend to the bottom of the foot on the red part.

Will look something like this after completion. ^^

All the "bars" in the middle of each part for the legs are painted in gray as well.


A lot of Gundam Marker Gray in this posting it seems. ^^ Will be returning to using Gaia Color bottle paint for some parts from O Raiser in the next posting.


Unknown said...

That was a great idea for the cockpit hatch! I may go back and try that on my 00.

Anonymous said...

Can i ask that leg there wat kind of gray u use? can i know?