Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Figma Meiya Mitsurugi Part 3 [Final]

The forever winning formula

Last posting on Figma Meiya Mitsurugi looks at the various action poses possible with this action figure.

Part-swapping for the face.

I often reverse the white stripes on her ponytail to create an even more dynamic-looking image for the figure.

The sword's length is just right to match her height for some really cool poses, even before it's drawn.

This is a fairly simple but decent Figma figure in my opinion. Apart from the swordplay, there's not much you can do with her. The action poses are really awesome, as with most female characters armed with a katana I suppose. ^^ I've seen many game play clips (such as this one and this one) featured Bayonetta - a European witch from the game "Bayonetta" slashing through her enemies with a katana, a somewhat more prominent weapon among the many hidden in her lock of hair ^^ I suppose that apart from meganekko, I have a thing for girl with katana as well. ^^ If Max Factory announces Saeko Busujima from "Highschool of the Dead" to be released in the Figma series, I think I would get her pre-ordered right away XD

Image is from Hobby Search.

Anyway, the detailing of Figma Meiya is very well done. The paint job for her hair, the tiny bits of colors here and there on her suit and the micro details of the emblems printed on her shoulders are really great to see.

The only flaw to highlight is her rather inflexible ankle joint. Thanks to her special boot design, the ankle has rather limited room for articulation. There's no problem for her to stand properly, but I do prefer having the support of the display stand for added stability. For action poses on the other hand, the display stand is a necessity.

With Figma Drossel.

With Figma Miyuki.

Miyuki with her really anime-ish big head and tiny legs XD

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Unknown said...

OMG, I never thought to reverse the bow! Great idea! yay, now I can put mitsurugi in more action friendly poses.

shishio74 said...

Fantastic idea on reversing the ribbons in Miturugi's hair. Great tip! Nice pics overall!