Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hot Toys Predators 1/6 Classic Predator Get

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A highly anticipated pre-ordered item just arrived recently. ^^

Hot Toys' Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale Classic Predator from "Predators". ^^

I always knew it's going to be a huge figure, but when the package arrived, its size is just tremendous! ^^ My War Machine is no longer the largest Hot Toys figure in my collection because of this new item. ^^

I always find the name given to this particular Predator warrior funny, because the other three from this movie and all from the two "AVP" movies have names which somewhat describe their armors, characteristics or roles: Berserker, Falconer, Tracker, Celtic, Chopper, Scar and Wolf are all pretty "fierce" names. To name this particular Predator warrior "Classic" almost implies it being old and respectable, which is obviously not the case as seen in the movie. ^^;

Although the design is an homage to the first Predator warrior in the original movie back in 1987, with similarities to be found in the armor and weapon design, it's definitely not the same one from 1987. Apart from implications to be found in the story of "Predators", some of the details of the original Predator warrior are not available on this "Classic" version. Because of that, I definitely didn't went in and got this figure with the expectation that it would be based on the design from the first movie, even though I like it more than this new version.

For me, the figure's design is good, the accessories are neat (a lot more generous than the lists for Berserker, Tracker and Falconer from the same series in my opinion), and since I couldn't get the first version released by Hot Toys many years ago, this would be a pretty good replacement for that long-time regret. ^^

The even crazier Samurai version is still a very long wait though. ^^;

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desmond said...

Great score and welcome to the world of 1/6 scale :)