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HG 1/144 Cherudim Gundam Part 9 [Final]

Proportion vs. gimmicks vs. details

The final posting for HG 1/144 Cherudim Gundam starts with another bunch of action poses from the kit:

Displaying several GN Shield Bits in attack mode using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

With HG 1/144 00 Raiser.

In terms of size, both Gundams seem relatively similar - O Raiser must be ejected from the view first. ^^; I believe Cherudim Gundam would look slightly larger with its GN Drive on its rear skirt armors, and arrangement of GN Shield Bits on its left shoulder and knees which increases the Gundam's overall display size. 00 Gundam has a more balanced look as compared to Cherudim Gundam and some of its unique placement of parts. ^^

On the other hand, Cherudim Gundam's overall design is more polygonal than 00 Gundam. There are very little curved or rounded elements on this Gundam, whereas 00 Gundam is a tremendously sleek MS. Just compare the legs of the two Gundams. Their differences are very blatantly obvious. ^^

As a matter of fact, come to think of it, Arios Gundam and Seravee Gundam are pretty polygonal in design as well. ^^

A comparison between this HG kit with its HCM-Pro equivalence as the last part of this review series:

The slightly longer neck joint is an important determinant in giving the Gunpla version a better look in terms of proportion. ^^ The HCM-Pro version has a great deal of details molded on its armor pieces though.

Right side view reveals the huge color difference between the beam rifles.

Left side view.

Rear view.

+1 for the HG version as the mount latch's joint allows the shield bits to be lifted upward, something not possible on the HCM-Pro version.

Same advantage/limitation for the beam rifle's mount latch on the right shoulder armor.

The position of the HCM-Pro version's beam rifle mount latch is near its muzzle, so when it's attached to the shoulder armor, the stock appears too high above the shoulder, something I'm not fond of at all. ^^;
I much prefer the more balanced placement of the Gunpla version's beam rifle on the shoulder armor.

As mentioned in Part 5, even though the HCM-Pro version requires no detachment of part to swap between weapon modes (not possible with the HG kit), part-swapping is required for the support handle in expanded/retracted form (not necessary with the HG kit).

No distinctive difference between the beam pistols.
Mentioned in Part 2 that the paint scheme done on the pistols actually referred to the HCM-Pro version. ^^

Even though it's not painted, the HCM-Pro version's shield bit has details molded inside its rear face.
Details aside, I actually like the Gunpla version's proportionately larger size better.

Display stand for the shield bits.
It's basically a comparison between adjustable and fixed design for this accessory. ^^;

The HCM-Pro version has better details, some better gimmicks and a very crazy articulation design that is really cool to play with. ^^ On the other hand, the HG version has its own merits as well: better proportion and about the same level of articulation as the HCM-Pro version achieved through more conventional joint design. Its somewhat lack of details can be said to be an advantage over the elaborate design of the HCM-Pro version for those who like to keep things simple. ^^

So, there's no one version that is definitely better than the other. For this HG kit, I enjoyed its relatively simple assembly and coolsome action poses, and I'm quite content about the kit for that. ^^

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