Thursday, February 2, 2012

1/100 Gundam Virtue Part 12

Do not remove the hands

1/100 Gundam Virtue in action after the previous posting. ^^

GN Beam Bazooka

As commented in the previous posting, stress to the joints due to Gundam Virtue's heavy parts is an issue I'm very conscious of when thinking about any action pose for this model, and the bazooka is a really heavy component for just one hand to hold. ^^; You can't have another hand supporting it all the time either as the number of action pose would be limited. ^^;

The reminder I gave to myself is not to detach the hand unit from the wrist when attaching/detaching the weapons so that the polycap inside won't be exhausted easily. Instead, the hand is separated via the split between the palm and segment of fixed fingers while it's still on the wrist. Normally, for most other kits including older Master Grade and High Grade releases, I just pull off the entire hand, attach a new weapon and snap the whole thing back into the wrist joint. It's certainly a lot more convenient and faster that way, but it's also very damaging to the polycap. ^^; It's a "habit" I'm avoiding for this kit.

The treatment given to the hand also affects the configuration of the bazooka's "Burst Mode" to be shown below:

2-barrel GN Cannons

A connector part is included to mount the model to Action Base 1.

Action Base 1 Celestial Beings Ver. would be most appropriate for Gundam Virtue. ^^

Configuration of the "Burst Mode":

GN Beam Bazooka in "Burst Mode" form, which was already shown back in Part 8.

The chest armor is lifted, and the two handles are attached to both hands, angled to appropriately where the bazooka would be at near the body before finally attaching it to the handles.
The hand units are kept on their wrists the whole time for reason mentioned earlier on.

GN Beam Bazooka in "Full Burst" mode.
The size of the weapon has been increased, and you get a perfectly symmetric front image of the Gundam as well. Very nice. ^^

Perhaps the way the bazooka is adjusted facing upward is helping to distribute the weight of the weapon, there seems to be no sign of the weapon sliding downward after sustaining this pose for quite a while. ^^

The GN Field Generators' expansion is a gimmick that can't really contribute to many action poses. ^^;

After all these poses, how well is the hand unit (still) doing? Let's put it to the test, shall we?

Can the right hand survives the length of Jess Lee's (李佳薇) song 《煎熬》 (about 4 minutes) with the bazooka on? ^^
《煎熬》 is copyrighted by Warner Music (2009). All rights reserved.
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

All hail that mighty polycap. ^^

On a completely separate note, 《煎熬》 is one of the songs that is infinite looping on my music player right now, since early December last year to be exact. ^^

With special care given to the wrist's polycap, I believe another round of action poses should be fine with 1/100 Gundam Virtue. ^^

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