Thursday, February 16, 2012

HG 1/144 Cherudim Gundam Part 7

Even the backpack can choose to look really awesome

The last part of HG 1/144 Cherudim Gundam's assembly before its grand completion. ^^

Parts of the body.

The "core" body block. ^^
(Left) Those yellow collars were painted in Part 4.
(Right) The clear part on the chest is a feature I didn't realize about Cherudim Gundam until I saw it on the HCM-Pro version. ^^

It's good that the clear part's quality can still be seen very easily after the chest piece comes on. ^^

Foil sticker and painted clear part for the GN Condensers inside the Holo Screen's arms.

Details of the thrusters.

The tab and slot beneath the joint are used to secure the two thruster blocks' position.

By pulling the two blocks outward until the tabs are disconnected, the former can now move without being restricted by the backpack.
And since they use ball-type polycap part for the movement, the angle of adjustment is very flexible. ^^

Deploying the arms from the backpack for the Holo Screen to be equipped.

With GN Beam Pistol II completed in Part 5.

The "complete" backpack. ^^

Done with the body unit.

With both arms from Part 5.

The upper body is completed.

Only the head remains now.

Parts of the head

(Left) Foil sticker used for the eyes.
(Right) The white mask part is attached to the red chin part using a tweezers to avoid rubbing of any of the former's panel lines. ^^;

Done for the head.

To display the sniper scope, the clear red part is detached and reattached to the forehead in an "open" position.

Connected to the neck joint.

With that, the assembly of HG 1/144 Cherubim Gundam is all done. ^^ More images of this just completed kit: ^^

In plain form with no weapon attached.

Closeups on the details:

The assembly was pretty simple and straightforward in my opinion. There's no particular step in the manual that is confusing or too out of the ordinary as compared to other kits. Many parts are a lot smaller than HG 1/144 00 Gundam though, especially the head and backpack components for the Holo Screen. Thanks to these delicate parts, some part of the assembly required more "intensive" focus than the others, but that wasn't because they were difficult to do, but I tried to be careful not to cause any of the parts to go MIA. ^^;

On the other hand, there are quite a few components that are pretty fun. The transformable beam rifle and beam pistols, ankle joint, hip (especially ^^) and head are pretty unique in their designs and fun to assemble. ^^

Some action poses from this HG kit in the next posting. ^^

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