Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia Part 3

Pseudo-Master Grade level of mechanical details

Moving on to more of 1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia's shoulder armor and arm parts after the previous posting. ^^

(Left) Beautiful as they are, those thruster bases' molded details can be really hard to reach using normal panel liner.
(Right) Black paint with thinner method plus a bit of regular panel lining take care of everything very easily.

Remembering that this is a Gundam from the universe of "Gundam Double O", those two pipes inside each part is painted light blue (Gundam Marker from Gundam SEED Destiny Vol. 1 set) to establish their relevance and connection with the GN Stripes on the of the Gundam's main body.

Painting the pipes is not an easy task as their edges are deep inside the parts, which are really hard to see when the marker paint is applied. ^^;

Finalized result after a few rounds of painting, reexamining and more painting. ^^;

Small as they are, the two forearm mecha parts have tons of delicate segments that need to be painted in different colors too. ^^;

The different segments are panel lined first so that the border between parts to be painted and those that can be omitted can be seen clearly.

The round GN thruster-like parts are painted using Gundam Marker Yellow. A sharp toothpick is used as the paint brush to reach the parts more accurately.

The "cells" are painted using Gundam Marker Light Blue before panel lines are added.

Tiny silver foil stickers are used to decorate the two semi-rings on the parts.
Just for that extra sense of details. ^^

Really narrow slits as line details on the forearm connector parts call for the black paint with thinner method for a super-fast solution. ^^

Tiny sunken edges of one of the forearm armor parts are painted using Gundam Marker Gray.

The part is small, but plenty of line details are incorporated, which are all drawn using normal panel liner.
This is actually the cover to conceal the mecha part did earlier on.

Simple panel lining for the other forearm parts.

The interior portion of the arm near the elbow is painted black using a normal marker for an added sense of depth. ^^

The minor paint work and panel lining are repeated for the other arm's parts.

Those parts with molded mechanical details are pretty well done in my opinion. ^^ Obviously they are just for display, since there's no separate inner frame for the model or any other mechanical details like the Master Grade series, but those parts certainly add more points to the overall look. It's good that such design is incorporated on this kit to break away from the usual simple treatment of releases from this 1/100 scale series, however minimal the effort (very few parts) seems to be. ^^

The paint work done this time is more than that in the previous posting, but everything seems to be working just fine. ^^

Will be tackling some of larger armor parts next. ^^

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