Friday, February 24, 2012

1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia Part 6

Attention to redundancy

Just a few more parts to go before the work on 1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia is done. ^^

As shown in the manual, the edges of the two new chest vent parts should be in blue.

The edges are painted blue using Gundam Marker.
The rear face of the parts are painted with the same color as well.

Added very simple panel lines to the actual vent areas.

Test fitting the parts to have a preview of how the completed chest vents would look like. ^^
It's good to see that the blue marker paint matches the molded color of the parts very well. ^^

Like all the other 1/100 scale Gundam kits from "Gundam Double O" Season 1, the GN Drive in the chest is explicitly painted using normal black marker to get the glossy effect of the ink. ^^

Simple panel lining for the other body parts, all which are the same ones from the first 1/100 Gundam Exia.

(Left) Parts of the helmet and mask were already painted and panel lined back in late May 2009. ^^;
(Right) Some minor paint and panel line work on the V-Fin and face part is an exact repetition of what I did for the same parts on the first 1/100 Gundam Exia.

Despite being not needed for the actual assembly, the "leftover" parts of Gundam Exia feel too precious to be discarded. ^^
Since the work on the actual kit is now done, I might as well dedicate some time to work on these unneeded parts, to "relive" the experience of working on the first 1/100 Gundam Exia more than a year ago. ^^

Parts that were already completed after the All Exia Project.

All of Gundam Exia's parts that won't be needed for this kit.

No special mentioning for any of the work shown above since it's exactly the same like how I did it for the original Gundam Exia. ^^

Give one polycap part (PC-F from polycap set PC-116 to be exact) and Avalanche Exia will receive a bonus GN Shield. ^^ Whether shield can be mounted or not is a separate issue though. XD Knowing that all the parts won't be used at all when I assemble the Gundam later, I don't regret doing the extra work since the parts are so much simple to paint or panel line as compared to some of the new ones mentioned in the past few posting, and none of the redundant parts needed any special paint or tool for their details to be realized anyway. ^^

As usual, there'll be a bit of offset time between now and when I revisit all the parts again for the final assembly. ^^

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