Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nendoroid Chiaki Minami Part 3 [Final]

The evilness is strong with this one

Some very simple poses from Nendoroid Chiaki Minami in this last posting of this review series:

"Going to school to hypnotize everyone with this expression" XD

The usual Nendoroid face-swapping method.

"Evil" mode activated. ^^

"I want to call you bakayaro, but I find the term to be overly mild for your level of stupidity."

"Why is everyone on the same level as Kana at school?!"

"Channeling my evilness to you."

"Only Fujioka understands me."

"Very well, my servant Fujioka, lead the way."

"Don't steal the spotlight from me, teddy bear!"

"Fujioka is running away!"

"Fujioka has tripped, but I don't want to help him up."

Adjusting the head can be pretty troublesome for the arms unless the latter are positioned beside the body and unmoved from there, as the two locks of hair in front always collide with the arms when they are lifted. Fortunately, the "opening" between the hair pieces in front and the back of Chiaki's head is wide enough for the arms to "pass through". I believe the design is intentional for some action to be possible with the figure, otherwise the arm parts would be completely useless. ^^;

Despite the limitation, this is a very nice Nendoroid figure of Chiaki Minami. The signature sleepy and cynical face parts capture the spirit of the character very well. So it's very easy for folks who like Chiaki from the anime to like this figure, and then remember all the funny moments of her and her sisters from the show. ^^

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