Thursday, February 23, 2012

1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia Part 4

Doing more work despite obvious shortcuts to take

Moving on with another batch of work on 1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia with more painting and panel lining on fewer but larger parts this time. ^^

Simple panel lining on various shoulder armor parts.

Tiny bits behind two of the armor parts are painted using Gundam Marker Gray to make them look like they are from the mecha component of the armors.

Done for the panel lining work on all the shoulder armor parts. ^^

By test fitting the thruster case treated in Part 2 onto the white armor parts, the four connectors inside the latter are too obvious to spot. ^^;

Painted the connectors white using Gundam Marker so that they look more "integrated" with the armor parts when assembled. ^^

The large rear skirt armor has several areas to paint. ^^;

As shown in the manual, the vent surface is black and yellow, but there are two square areas on top that need to be painted white as well.

Panel lined the edges using the black paint with thinner method first.

(Left) The edges of the Y-shaped protruding vent surfaces that might not be covered by the foil stickers are painted using Gundam Marker Yellow with a toothpick first.
(Right) Tiny areas on the rear face of the armor that is still part of the vent is painted as well to ensure everything is covered. ^^

(Left) The two areas on top are painted using Gundam Marker White.
(Right) The two said areas are connection points for the extra GN Stripes that extend from the backpack it seems. The hollow spots are painted entirely in white as well.

Looking at the stickers, such flat pieces might not look that great in showing the sunken spots around the vent surface. ^^;

Looking back at the partially painted areas, I think I might as well just go with painting for all of them. ^^

Paint result after a few layers of Gundam Marker Yellow paint. ^^
The black sunken areas are painted using normal black marker and panel liner.

Any excessive paint is scratched away or "hidden" by redrawing panel lines over the painted edges.

Simple panel lining on the other parts of the waist.

Foil sticker and painting combo doesn't really work for the rear skirt armors in this posting, but there are two other parts on the front skirt armors that might find that method useful. ^^

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