Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random (18)

One birthday every four year

Happy Birthday to those who are celebrating their birthday today. ^^ This date only comes once every four years, so remember to eat four cakes and request from family and friends those additional three presents you miss in the last three years XD

Image is from CartoonStock.

When I first learned about the concept of Leap Year in primary school, I used to think that the people born on February 29th are rather unlucky, since they only get to celebrate their birthday once every four years. In my secondary school days, I was introduced to the brother of a friend who is indeed a Leap Year Day Baby, but instead of celebrating his birthday once every four years like how I expected him to do, he does it on every February 28th instead. ^^;

And what happens on Leap Year Day like today? Well, it's another birthday celebration for him. ^^; From what I heard, he did get that birthday treatment twice every Leap Year - February 28th the "usual" birthday and February 29th the "actual" birthday. ^^;

He's cheating! He's not following the rule at all! XD

On a separate note, this is also the first Leap Year Day for this blog. ^^

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