Monday, February 27, 2012

Nendoroid Chiaki Minami Part 2

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A look at Nendoroid Chiaki Minami's accessories after the length introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Chiaki and all her accessories.

Two types of option face parts.

School bag.

Besides the bag's cute color, the clips are painted nicely in silver.

Chiaki's cap which she wears to school. It's designed with her trademark little hair bud (ahoge). ^^

Since Nendoroid figures have large heads disproportionate to their bodies, Chiaki's cap is evidently a huge part, since it's supposed to cover part of her head. ^^

Two option arm parts included, which seem very much the same in design as the default pair on the figure.

Very cute closed fists on the arms. ^^

A comparison with the default pair reveals the difference of their shoulder joints' position.

Both types of arms are separated at their sleeve level, so apart from the shoulders' lateral movement, the arms can be rotated as well.

Chiaki's teddy bear, "Fujioka".

Interestingly, the head and arms of the teddy bear are movable. ^^

A small slot on the figure's back allows it to be connected to the display base.

Since there's no option hand unit included for Chiaki to hold it, having a separate display base to support the Fujioka is a very considerate design. ^^

The neck joint of the bear is actually a ball-type joint, but not much action is possible with it given the tight gap between the head and body.

The bag is just hooked onto Chiaki's shoulders. Her large hair will then provide support to prevent the bag from falling off the figure. ^^

To display Chiaki with her cap on, the hair bud is removed first, replaced by the cap that has an ahoge fixed to it.

Since the hair bud is removable, it can be angled differently, for whatever reason. XD

Chiaki with her cap on.

With the cap and hat attached, Chiaki is really to go to school. ^^

More images of Nendoroid Chiaki Minami: ^^

Not the best expression to wear when going to school I suppose, but that's how Chiaki is in the anime, at least in the first series that I watched. ^^

Closeups on the figure:

This is indeed a very nicely designed Nendoroid figure of Chiaki Minami. ^^ The gradient paint work of the hair is exceptionally well done, on top of other great details like her skirt, ribbons and school bag. ^^ Then again, the sleepy expression is a little too good I think. ^^; The laziness and complete lack of motivation are accurately realized in that expression. Looking at it for too long and one might become sleepy too. ^^;

Some action poses and configuration of the different expressions will be featured in the next posting. ^^

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