Saturday, February 11, 2012

Robot Damashii [Side MS] Geara Zulu Part 2

Some extra details, some missing details

A look at Robot Damashii [Side MS] Geara Zulu's accessories after the lengty introduction yesterday. ^^

Since it's the same MS, the design isn't too different between this and the HGUC Gunpla version. At the very least, it's recognizable as Geara Zulu at first glance. XD There are however, many minor differences that are very cool. There's no bad feeling of repetitive purchase after having assembled the HGUC version. Yet, looking at the design and playing with the figure and all of its accessories, there's a great sense of familiarity as well. ^^

All of the weapons and accessories included for this Robot Damashii figure.

Two sets of option hand units: open type and weapon type.
Attached to the figure is the default closed fist type.

Front skirt armors fixed with extra magazines for the beam rifle.
Unlike the Gunpla version, the dots in the middle of the magazines aren't painted.

Delicate details such as that small dot at the edge of the skirt armor are been painted accurately.

Geara Zulu's beam rifle.

Details on the weapon.

Unlike the Gunpla version, an extra pair of targeting scope can be seen mounted on the body. The two types of scope have different colors as well it seems: metallic red for the new pair; metallic pink for the "original" rectangular one.

The grenade launcher and extra targeting scope can be detached from the rifle, but the large slots left behind don't look that great for the weapon to be displayed without the two add-ons. ^^;

Two beam axes included. The one with the shorter shaft is meant for display when attached to the weapon rack.

(Left) The beam parts on the ax to be used for action poses can be detached, ...
(Right) ... and somewhat surprisingly, can be fitted nicely onto the display type as well. ^^
Looks like you can have two types of beam axes for this Geara Zulu. ^^

Geara Zulu's bazooka.

Details on the weapon.
That yellow stripe around the rocket is something not available on the Gunpla version.

Two very simple-looking hand grenades. ^^

The weapon rack is very much the same design as its counterpart from the HGUC Gunpla version. The color separation is very well done though: gray and dark green on the outside, and black on the rear face.

The different weapon components' positions on the weapon rack is exactly the same as the Gunpla version. The extra beam tomahawk just for the weapon rack is something new though.

With all the weapons mounted onto the rack.

With the weapon rack ready, a fully equipped Robot Damashii [Side MS] Geara Zulu can be displayed. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Under close scrutiny, the differences in design as compared to the HGUC version can be spotted here and there on the figure: the chest emblem, color of all the conductive pipes, weapon design mentioned earlier on and length of the rear skirt armor. I won't go into details for each of them since they are reserved for another posting. ^^

Overall, the paint work and details on this figure are very good. The ability to see the mono-eye camera inside the helmet very easily is a very nice touch (despite its limitation - to be mentioned later ^^;). I like how the figure is given an overall darker color theme through dark gray for all its weapons and light gray for the conductive pipes, which really helped to establish a more sturdy look of this Zeon MS. ^^ Between the two, I like the HGUC Gunpla version's proportion but this Robot Damashii action figure's color scheme.

A look at Robot Damashii Geara Zulu's articulation design and some action poses in the next posting. ^^

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