Monday, February 20, 2012

Lego Adventure: Creator Cool Convertible Part 8 [Final]


More images of the just completed Lego Creator No. 4993 Cool Convertible's alternate mini loader mode. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Another look at the lever and bucket's linked movement gimmick.
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

No exact comparison with the convertible or truck, but it's easy to tell how small it is as compared to those two previously done models. ^^ The proportion of the wheels to the main body, as well as the number of leftover parts shown after the assembly in the previous posting are clear evidences to that observation. Then again, while it's small, it's actually quite a compact model. Everything feels solid and well balanced, which is definitely an advantage over the previous flat nose truck mode already. ^^; The large cab versus nothing on the back for the truck might not be that awesome to look at after a while, unless it's red and blue, then it would be a totally different story. For that, the flat nose truck should be the main model instead of the convertible XD

Stability is an issue for the truck's gimmick as well, as some additional support is needed when its cab tilting gimmick fires. For this mini loader, its heavy bumper is more than enough to support the bucket when it's lifted. Comparing the two, I definitely like the mini loader's gimmick better, since it involves some linked movement between the components on the vehicle.

Still, it's not enough to beat the convertible's movable roof gimmick in my opinion. ^^

Overall, I really like this Lego Creator set. ^^ Its part count isn't as high as that of 4997 Transport Ferry, and while I prized the amount of bricks to assemble as part of the fun, I must admit that any of three models of 4993 Cool Convertible wasn't as exhausting to build look for parts as compared to the ferry's models. ^^ The assembly isn't necessary too simple in that sense, as the linked movement gimmicks of the convertible and mini loader are great designs that made me examined parts closely and assemble them slowly to see how the gimmick works, and that was very fun. ^^

One word I would use to describe the entire set is "refreshing". ^^ I never thought that there are so many different types of Lego bricks with smooth or curved designs that could be used to realize the elegance of a convertible (sort-of), ^^ Likewise, I never thought that a white and maroon would work well for a flat nose truck or a loader, especially the latter. Before knowing this Lego set, I don't think "cool" is a word I would ever use to describe a loader. XD

All the three models have really cool designs on vehicles we know of in the real world, which were great fun to assemble. ^^

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