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Robot Damashii [Side MS] Geara Zulu Part 5 [Final]

Contrast and compatibility

The last posting for Robot Damashii [Side MS] Geara Zulu already. ^^

After mentioning about it over and over again in the past four postings, here's a close examination of the figure and its HGUC Gunpla version:

The figure is obviously shorter than the model kit, but not necessarily smaller. ^^ Most of their components are actually about the same in size, but the ones on the figure seem somewhat "condensed", especially the waist. ^^; You can see that pretty clearly in the first few images above, where the lower legs between the two are about the same in height, so obviously something above them were made shorter, which constitutes the overall size difference.

Therefore, comparison by scale is perhaps not the best way to describe the difference between the figure and model kit. It's the merchandise design that defines the differences instead. I believe that this "condensed" version of the action figure is how the designer envisioned Geara Zulu to be when developing it, so I don't think the body and several other components were deliberately shrink to keep them to the scale of roughly 1/150. If the designer could increase the figure's size to the equivalence of 1/144 or even 1/100 scale Gunpla kits, I believe the design would be all the same anyway. ^^ Same thing can be said about most other Robot Damashii releases as well. Different designer, different product, we'll have to pick and choose which one we prefer. As mentioned in Part 2, I like the Gunpla design of Geara Zulu better. ^^

A comparison of the articulation design:

About the same for the neck articulation.

With all variations of Geara Zulu in Gunpla format having the mono-eye camera movement gimmick, the Robot Damashii version is not just the only one that doesn't have that feature incorporated in its product line, but perhaps so among all of its merchandises too. ^^;

A win for the Gunpla version when comparing the waist's lateral articulation.

The action figure scores a few points back when the elbow and wrist are compared. ^^

The Gunpla version has much wider bend for the shoulder joint it seems.

Different design for the front skirt armor's joint.
The extra joint mentioned in Part 3 makes the lifted skirt armor look a lot better on the figure. ^^

Double-joint versus one simple ball-type joint for the hip.
I always prefer the earlier. ^^

"Compensating" for the not-so flexible thigh movement, the Gunpla version's hip joint is separated from the crotch to allow the legs to swing from side to side for a limited degree.

About the same 90-degree bend for the knee.

I prefer the mechanical details on the Gunpla version, however simple-looking it is. ^^

No problem for both figures to stand on one leg. ^^

With pretty much the same articulation design between the two, they can copy each other's action pose pretty well. ^^

A look at the weapons:

Beam rifle.

The grenade launcher can be removed on both beam rifle.
The extra targeting scope on the figure's beam rifle is already removed.

(Left) Large slots on the hand grip of the figure's rifle.
(Right) Different color for the targeting scopes.

Despite the trigger guard on the model's rifle, the figure's hand unit can still be fitted to the handle.

A very nice fit too. ^^

The figure with the model kit's beam rifle doesn't look too out of place actually.

Since the figure's rifle doesn't have a trigger guard, the closed fist of the model kit can be used to hold it.

A double beam rifle wielding Geara Zulu. ^^

(Left) The figure's rifle is a bit smaller, but its grenade launcher is of the same size as that from the model kit it seems.
(Right) Painted muzzle on the figure's grenade launcher versus actual hollow one molded on the model kit's.

Since the grenade launcher's handle is small, the smaller hand unit of the figure can help to show off the weapon better than the model kit.

The index fingers can actually reach the triggers of either grenade launcher. ^^

A bigger and more expressive spread palm for the Gunpla version.

The figure's has a much shorter body. ^^;

After a double beam rifle wielding Geara Zulu, here's one double bazooka wielding Geara Zulu. XD

The beam axes are of the same size, with the color of the beam parts separating the two.
The figure has an extra beam ax with shorter shaft that is meant to be stored on the weapon rack for display.

Geara Zulu with two beam axes. ^^

The shorter hand grenade belongs to the action figure.

Weapon rack.

The Gunpla version has angled mount racks for the beam ax and hand grenades.

A very fun action figure this is. I definitely like all the extra articulation points designed on it, since they are really useful for action poses. One wouldn't believe a normal grunt unit should be this agile in movement, but that's not a problem for this action figure. ^^ It's like another case of HCM-Pro Tieren I think. ^^

More Geara Zulus will be coming in future reviews, but they are the HGUC Gunpla version. ^^

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