Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BB Senshi Sangokuden Rikuson Z Plus Part 4

Summary of Part 2 and 3

Less than 10 parts to go before the work on BB Senshi Sangokuden Rikuson Z Plus is all completed. ^^

Looking at the completed model shown on the box side, the line segment on the tail is in gold.

Painted with Gundam Marker Gold, with panel lines added to the entire part when the paint has dried.

The clear blue shoulder armor parts are quite special in this kit, but the paint work for their edges aren't. ^^

Re-panel lined the parts to cover up excessive paint.

The line segment around the helmet is in gold as well.

Painted using Gundam Marker Gold.

With panel lines added.

The vents (?) on the cheek are painted using panel liner.

The headgear is hand painted using Tamiya Color Enamel Paint X-12 Gold Leaf - the same paint used for the staff shown in Part 2.

(Left) Panel lines are added when the paint has dried.
(Right) The sunken area behind the small golden curves right above where the eyes would be are painted using panel liner.

Like Bacho Blue Destiny, the character's last name on the forehead is painted in gold to make it stand out more

Shown before these two images, panel lines were already added for the two head parts.

Test fitting the two parts to have a preview of how the completed head would look like. ^^

Re-panel lined the painted forehead to cover up excessive paint. ^^

2 tail parts + 2 shoulder armor parts + 2 helmet parts + 1 headgear + 2 head parts = 9 parts. Told you it was going to be less than 10 parts in total before the entire work is done. XD

Simple but enjoyable is how I would describe the work for BB Senshi Sangokuden Rikuson Z Plus. There's no single part that is mindbogglingly complicated like Choko Zaku III's right shoulder shield, or tons of parts that require hand painting like Bacho Blue Destiny's shiny armor parts, or plenty of parts with crazy details that require both a lot of paint work and panel lining to realize like Chouryou Gelgoog's body armor. This simplicity is also a really nice followup from the more "intensive" work on the recent 1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia. ^^

As usual, there'll be a bit of offset time between now and when I revisit all the parts again for the final assembly. ^^

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