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BB Senshi Sangokuden Rikuson Z Plus Part 1

Z Plus Sparrow

Starting on a new BB Senshi Sangokuden kit after a two-month absence of the series from my blog after Bacho Blue Destiny. ^^

This is Rikuson Z Plus of the original manga edition.

Rikuson Z Plus is actually the first transformable character in this Gunpla series. Before Rikuson Z Plus, Ryofu's horse, Sekitoba (赤兎馬), the magical weapon platform, Tengyokugai (天玉鎧) and the divine dragon, Ryuukihou (龍輝宝) are transformable as well, but they are not technically characters. So Rikuson Z Plus's transformation ability was pretty special when it was first released. However, soon after that, as more unique characters started showing up while several existing ones get their special upgrades, it would seem like every other character in the series can transform, or has massive form change that can be regarded as transformation anyway. ^^ By then, Rikuson Z Plus is more like "just another" transformable character. ^^;

On a separated note, Rikuson Z Plus is also the first kit from the Kingdom of Gou (轟) in my collection. ^^

Introduction of the kit on the box sides.

The box side image only shows the transformed mode called 燕迅形態. From the description of the anime's "Shin" version, Rikuson Z Plus's finishing move is 燕空壁 - Rikuson can use his staff 寶旋霞 to create a magical haze to confuse the enemies. So despite looking like a halberd/spear-ax combo, the staff's attack is actually magical in nature. ^^

On a separate note, the character "燕" in Rikuson Z Plus's transformed mode and finishing move literally means "sparrow". I supposed using that as part of the names is meant to highlight the character's speed in transformed mode, and maybe the lack of brute strength or real power in his attacks as compared to some of the main characters like Ryubi Gundam, Sonken Gundam and Sousou Gundam. What's really neat in my opinion is how the character's physical design, especially when he's in his transformed mode has references to the bird as well. The shield/nose/beak, wings and two-pronged tail are very obvious evidences of that. ^^

Apart from its transformation gimmick, those beautiful clear blue parts on the head, shoulders and weapon look very interesting to me as well. ^^ The color combination of red, white, gold and clear blue seems pretty cool for a small kit like this. All those attraction points make this kit a really worthwhile purchase in my opinion. ^^


A look at the different runners in this kit:

Runner A1

(Left) Very nicely molded line details for the headgear/V-Fin.
(Right) The character's name on the soles.
As Rikuson Z Plus is transformable, each foot is separated into two parts - a simple special feature that isn't that common on other kits from the same series. ^^

Runner A2

All the nice clear blue parts. ^^

Runner B

(Left) The character's last name is nicely molded on the forehead, albeit hard to see in the image above. ^^;
(Right) One-piece part for the shield.

Foil sticker and polycap set.

All parts are removed from their respective runners.

A bit of straight assembly to see how some components of the actual model kit will turn out to be. ^^

To avoid overly tight connection between the parts, the major pins and slots behind the parts are chipped off using nippers.

The completed form.

Closeups on the details.

Rikuson Z Plus in plain form.

The separated flyer unit 跳燕機.

The complete transformed mode 燕迅形態.

Like most other transformable BB Senshi kit, the gimmick is accomplished via swapping and repositioning various components until the designated form is achieved. ^^ Not too special, but the simplicity can be pretty fun at the same time. ^^

Those clear parts do look really nice on this kit. ^^

Still start detailing some of the parts in the next posting. ^^

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