Thursday, August 26, 2010

MSIA vs Robot Damashii [Side MS] Exia Part 1

Since they are non-scale anyway

With the individual reviews of MSIA and Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gundam Exia completed in the last 2 postings, I'll have 3 extra postings comparing the 2 figures head-to-head, to sort of wrap up the entire topic has been ongoing since 2 weeks ago.

Except for the "hanger" on MSIA's box, the two of them have exactly the same box size.

The Robot Damashii version stands one head taller than the MSIA version.

Almost every components of Robot Damashii (the head, torso, arms and legs) are longer and somewhat larger than his MSIA counterpart.

Very different interpretation of Gundam Exia's profile for the two versions. ^^
Also, with the shorter waist design of the MSIA version, the GN Drive on the chest really seems oversized.

Being loyal to the design of Gundam Exia, the blue GN Stripe on top of MSIA Exia's head is nicely painted. However, it's a "what's the bother" case for the Robot Damashii version. ^^;

Metallic green painted for the interior of the GN Drive on the back gives the Robot Damashii version some extra details. It also has the pull-out gimmick, something lacking on his MSIA counterpart.

Front skirt armors that are slightly pointed upwards for Robot Damashii Exia helps to project a more progressive feel than the MSIA version as well.

Not sure why, but the rear skirt armor for the two are extremely different. ^^; I like the longer but more compact design of the Robot Damashii version better.

Larger GN Condenser on the forearm of the Robot Damashii version.

See-through vs solid elbow joint.

Significantly longer leg for the Robot Damashii version.
The lower legs are about the same, but the thigh and knee are a lot bigger for the Robot Damashii version.

The size difference of the knee armor and GN Condenser is very obvious to see.

It turns out to be almost like a posting on "why I like the Robot Damashii version better than the MSIA" instead of a really fair comparison between the two. ^^; As a matter of fact, it's indeed a bit unfair for the MSIA version to be compared like that, any later version of Gundam Exia, be it action figure or plamo kit would get to study the design of the MSIA version and try to figure out how to take the good and ditch the bad. The Robot Damashii version would be the "total overhaul" of that design. ^^ Not just improved articulation consistent with the advancement of Tamashii Nation (Bandai)'s toy-making technologies, but with a very different feel to get away from being labeled as merely the improved MSIA version in a different packaging.

A comparison of the articulation and weapons in the next review.

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