Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Robot Damashii [Side MS] Exia Part 2

Sharper, harder

Introduction on the content and some basic features of Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gundam Exia:

All the content from the box.

All the weapons and accessories.

Different type of hip mount racks for GN Long and Short Blades as compared to that of the MSIA version. The option hands included are different as well.
The GN Sword is a lot more sharper.

A much sharper shield as well, which is a design you don't see in any other version of Gundam Exia's merchandises
except 00 Region Gundam Exia, if not mistaken.
The extra V-Fin is something you don't get in the MSIA version as well.

Gundam Exia straight out of the box.

The V-Fin on top of the chest can be retracted.

The grips securing the GN Drive on the back can be released, with the cone pulled out for the "Burst Mode".
Works better with Gundam Exia R2 I suppose. ^^

Part separation for the legs to swap the figure to Gundam Exia R2, which is a Tamashii Web Shop limited package.

Manufacturer info printed on the interior of the thigh.
A really good feature in my opinion, since such text won't show up when you're displaying the figure.

The ankle armors are made of soft rubber. Easy to bend, but would occasionally pop off.

A slightly different way to mount the 2 GN Blades this time. The pins are on the blades, not on the mount racks, which might not be the best design as they are so plain in sight.
All other Gundam Exia's plamo kits and action figures have the pins on the mount racks inserting into the body of the blades instead.

Pins for the mount racks of the beam sabers and daggers behind the shoulder and rear skirt armors. A design that is more loyal to the mecha design of Gundam Exia.

I'm pretty sure the mount racks of the shield and GN Sword are made of ABS hard plastic. They are quite hard to remove once they are being fastened to the arms of the figure.

Well, looks like the Robot Damashii version of Gundam Exia wins over its MSIA counterpart based on the content and paint quality. There are sharper details on the Robot Damashii version and the quality of the painting really helps to display them clearly.

Apart from that, you can really feel the difference in the material used to make the two figures. You can feel that MSIA Exia is made of soft rubber mostly because of some degree of elasticity when you move the parts, and that includes the joints as well. The figure feels like a large-sized gashapon really. ^^; Robot Damashii Exia on the other hand, is a really solid fella, much like a Gunpla kit. The joints are extremely stiff, and the poses it performs are firm.

However, the overall design of Robot Damashii Exia takes on a slightly more radical approach, with features such as smaller head, longer neck, thinner body, larger thigh, very big knee portion of the leg and very slim leg. Even the color of the GN Stripes had been changed from blue to metallic purple if you can believe that. ^^ Together with a sharper GN Sword and GN Shield, the figure is designed to look a lot more "athletic" and agile, which you might say is true to Exia's characteristic as a fast melee combat MS.

The MSIA version is a lot more loyal to the original design of Gundam Exia - pretty much the same as the appearance of the plamo version. I suppose when Gundam Exia was first announced and tons of Gunpla kit of it were being put forth, MSIA Exia was made for those looking for the Gundam in its original design, but is an action figure instead.

No worries, you'll get to see more of MSIA Gundam Exia in the next posting. ^^

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L said...

If I remeber correctly, the extra v-fin is hard plastic and the v-fin on Exia is soft?