Thursday, August 12, 2010

MSIA Exia Part 1

Remnant of an old series

An old draft posting finally published this one, but believe me, this isn't the oldest one lining up on this blog ^^;

Got this Mobile Suit in Action!! Gundam Exia since August last year actually, and when the Robot Damashii version came in not long after that, I was always pondering on doing a back-to-back review between the 2 versions but there wasn't much serious thinking being made into the idea. After such a long time, and after seeing Extended MSIA Gundam RX-78-2 Light Up Ver. at this year's Gundam Super Expo, I don't think I want to keep this fella waiting anymore. So just write it, and hopefully this review will sync with the one for the Robot Damashii version coming up next.

While I love the design of Gundam Exia very much, I don't suppose I would go for this fella if it wasn't for its price - ultimate sales price of RM30. I was never a fan of this product series since the beginning, but at RM30, I thought I could get one and have a look. For those who aren't familiar with the MSIA series, I hope this review will be useful.

Obviously not the best box quality, but the content is brand new when I got it.

Box sides

Released back in late 2007, the articulation is considered topnotch for the entire series, but seeing what we are getting today, the rapid technological advancement of Bandai is undeniable.

A preview of the content

For those who are interested in the Robot Damashii version, the intro review will be up in the next posting.


Sam Lysne said...

I got that Exia around the time of it's original release. I really like it, but you're right. It is amazing how far they've come since then in such a short time.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Great pricing and it's quite a steal. I only have the Throne Gundams for this series cos I find them unique.