Monday, August 9, 2010

DX K-Touch Part 1

My PSP looks weird XD

Another great stuff I picked up in Singapore last month, and this one's really not on my list before the trip at all: DX K-Touch henshin device from "Kamen Rider Decade".

Got this from Robo Robo, Excelsior Building, which is just a few blocks away from the hotel where I stayed in Singapore. It was Dennis from Dennis's Toy Collection who introduced me to this shop actually. The shop only opens after noon time, so we didn't get to go in the first time we went there.

On my return trip to the shop the next day, I got Nendoroid Haruhi, something I always wanted, but I saw this just about when I was going to leave, just lying there among a whole pile of Super Sentai robots and other Kamen Rider stuff.

Saw the reviews on this fella long time ago and I was fascinated with the many combination of light and sound gimmicks it's packed with. With or without the 2 cards included, there are a lot of cool stuff to experience with this electronic toy. ^^ But the main factor why I bought it is the price I suppose, if it's anything above SGD $80, I don't think I would be bothered. However, SGD $50 for something some of my friends who are Kamen Rider fans would kill to get their hands on, it's a great deal. ^^ I bought it without second thought really.

Images of the box and content before moving onto the effect and gimmicks with video clips in the next posting. As you can probably guess from the lighting and background, the images were taken in my hotel room when I was still in Singapore - too impatient to unbox this before I return to Kuching ^^

Full of Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form on the box. ^^

Images behind the box showing the features of the device.

Box opens on the side.

The content: K-Touch, 2 cards, and a mount rack meant for the first henshin device of Kamen Rider Decade, the Decadriver.

The paper tray holding the content, for someone like me who aren't used to this type of Kamen Rider/Super Sentai electronic toys from Bandai.

The manual is attached to the back of a cardboard underneath the paper tray.

DX K-Touch, unpacked.

The 2 cards feature clear numbers and the 10 Heisei era Kamen Riders' crests (including Decade) respectively. The numbers and crests are of see-through print, and they look to correspond to each others perfectly when stacked together like this.

A look at the 2 cards

The mount rack for Decadriver. The belt is not included for K-Touch. I suppose this device is meant to compliment DX Decadriver released before this. From the reviews I watched, this mount rack goes to the side of the belt, while the original spot meant for Decadriver will be used to hold K-Touch.

A very clear crest of Kamen Rider Decade on the top portion of the mount rack.

The manual, which again, not very useful for something who doesn't read Japanese like me. At least the directions shown through the images are easy to understand. ^^

A bit of preview on K-Touch's functions through the video clip of Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form's first henshin.

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

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