Monday, August 30, 2010

MSIA vs Robot Damashii [Side MS] Exia Part 3 [Final]

Double GN Sword!

Last part of the entire review on MSIA and Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gundam Exia.

Double GN Sword! And another kind of Twin Drive system XD

Instead of finding who is better from the comparison between the two versions, I'm more into the points of interestingness in both of them. I ordered the MSIA version long after I pre-ordered the Robot Damashii version, so I'm quite clear that it's no match for a direct comparison, but still, it's not too bad of an action figure itself. So, it's not like a total loss or something.

As a matter of fact, that's pretty much how I feel for the Gunpla version as well. There are plenty of versions for a single MS - PG, MG, 1/100, HG and BB Senshi, and each version has its own points of interestingness. Some may be easy to build, but lack details; some may come with extra details and gimmicks, but requires painting; some may be extremely articulated, but has more parts and is pricey. When I'm making my choices, I never bother to find the "perfect" one - the one kit that has the best features in all aspects, I simply get the one I like the most.

When a certain new MS is announced, many people upon seeing and liking it, would ask for Bandai to come up with the MG version of it. When the HG 1/144 series of the MS is announced, the same people would choose to wait on for the day when the possible MG is announced. When the wait becomes longer, they lash out at the company for not listening to them; but when they do get the MG, they complain about certain weaknesses it has and declare it to be a failure. That's one trend that never cease to amuse me. MG Gundam Exia, Victory Gundam Ver. Ka, GN-X and Gundam Deathscythe EW, all of them features the same soap opera-type of story from the fans. How did the loop started anyway?

By the way, I just realized that with the end of the reviews on MSIA and Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gundam Exia, the rest of my Gundam Exia collection are all plamo kits. ^^ Plenty of assembly-type Gundam Exia after this then. ^^

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MSIA Gundam Exia
Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gundam Exia
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Anonymous said...

people just can't appreciate anything nowadays. always finding faults at everything released. really pitiful. case in point: reactions to the PG SF. lol

Anonymous said...

That's why it's easier for us HG collecters.

Archi said...

hahahah ^^ it's even more easier for SD collectors like me...

but still, SD gundams nowadays (00 series and early sangokuden) lack of their arm-elbow joint... that's somewhat a big loss after the good-articulated-joints in SD God Gundam, SD Shinning Gundam and other SD gundam in Seed/Destiny series...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, SDs nowadays are quite pitiful. I still prefer the old SEED SDs like Duel and Blitz, but too bad that