Saturday, August 21, 2010

MSIA Exia Part 4

Some superior points

A look at the articulation features of Mobile Suit in Action!! Gundam Exia.

The MSIA version of Gundam Exia always seems inferior when it comes to the comparison with the Robot Damashii version. When isolated, it does have a few good design points that might not be available on other releases.

Normal articulation design for the head. The disadvantage of the design is always hitting the yellow V-fins, since they are non-movable.

The shoulder joint design is pretty good. You can pull the shoulder block out from the body to allow the arms to swing forward or backward.

The shoulder joints can move up and down as well.

Waist can bend to the left and right.

Articulation range of the elbow is good. The arm has a joint installed at the upper arm level as well, allowing wider action possibility with the weapons attached.

Just ball-type joints for the hip, this is the limit of how far the legs can spread apart ^^;

Knee articulation range is pretty good.

The front skirt armor is quite an interesting design in my opinion. It doesn't have a separate joint for it to move on its own since it's not separated from the part from the waist.

However, the front skirt armor can still be bent since it's made of soft rubber.

Even this natural-looking kneeling pose is possible. Considering that there's no joint incorporated for the front skirt armor, it's quite an amazing feature isn't it? ^^

A closer look at the elbow and knee joints. Hollow spots that can be seen through are spaces allocated for the joints' wider articulation. Very simple design.

The armors on the heel are movable.

Very wide movement range for the ankles as well, since they are not restricted by the ankle armors.

The articulation feature of the Robot Damashii version is up next. Let's see if he can beat the MSIA version completely. ^^

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