Saturday, August 28, 2010

MSIA vs Robot Damashii [Side MS] Exia Part 2

Not a total loss for MSIA

The second posting on the comparison between MSIA and Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gundam Exia is about their articulation. As revealed in their individual postings, it would seem that the Robot Damashii version is better than the MSIA version in almost every area, however, in terms of leg articulation, the MSIA version isn't too bad at all. ^^

Longer neck allows the Robot Damashii version to perform more than just turning the head to the left and right.

Separate joint for the shoulder armor is an unmatchable feature on the Robot Damashii version there. ^^;

Somewhat better elbow articulation for the Robot Damashii version.

The waist is another area showing the major improvement implemented on the Robot Damashii version.

Individually movable front skirt armor for the Robot Damashii version vs soft rubber non-bendable ones on the MSIA version.
The unexpected winner here is actually the latter. ^^;

Way wider articulation range for the hip joint on the Robot Damashii version.

Knee articulation is pretty much the same for the two.

A more solid looking knee joint there on the Robot Damashii version.

While the design is different, the ankle articulation is almost the same for the two.

Robot Damashii Gundam Exia has to bend his leg outwards like that to avoid sending the front skirt armor flying off. XD

Broader but blunter GN Sword for the MSIA version.

The details are very different between the two versions. The joints on the Robot Damashii version are a lot tighter with the use of ABS hard plastic and metal pin.

A more conventional looking shield for the MSIA version.

Similar design for GN Long and Short Blades, except for the way they are mounted onto the hip mount racks.
And MSIA GN Short Blade looks really funny there XD

A look at the blades' mount racks.

The light clear beam sabers and daggers are from the MSIA version.

While the color is different, the shape is completely identical. From the same mold perhaps?

The beam sabers and daggers' mount racks behind the figures are very different in design.

Each figure comes with 3 sets of hand unit, the closed fists and open hands for holding the weapons are the same. The difference is a pair of spread palm for the Robot Damasii version, as compared to another set of open hands for the MSIA version.

The last part of the entire review will be up next.

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