Saturday, December 11, 2010

1/100 Exia Part 3

All done

Part 3 of the progress on 1/100 Gundam Exia, and this would probably be a surprise to folks who are following my work on many previous Gunplas. This posting actually marks the completion of my work on this kit actually. ^^

Very fast. ^^ Almost like the experience on MG Figurerise 1/8 Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker. However, unlike that kit, I actually panel-lined most of the parts, and painted quite a few of them for 1/100 Gundam Exia actually. The All Exia Project completed in February this year played a huge role in easing the entire progress really.

Panel-lined the tiny lines on the edges of the red face part.
Painted black on the top portion of that part as well to avoid the slightest bit of red to escape the foil sticker for the eyes later on.

Edges of the forehead sensor, above the V-Fin is painted black as well, for the same reason as the top of the red face part.

The beam dagger mount rack on the rear skirt armor can be cut to allow each side to move independently...

... like this.

Details in front and on the back of the shield.

And on the side as well.

Details of the GN Short, Long Blades and all the beam sabers and daggers.

The handles are the hardest to panel-lined, out of all the parts as the lines sit in very narrow valleys, almost impossible for the tip of the pen to go in.
Quite a lot of time was spent on cleaning up messy excess ink from the work really. ^^;

Done for 1/100 Gundam Exia, will "drift" back to MG Infinite Justice Gundam now. ^^;

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