Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HCM-Pro 00 Gundam & O Raiser Part 2

Gambatte! Little hinge joint

Returning to the review on HCM-Pro 00 Raiser with more information on some of its new gimmicks after yesterday's gattai. ^^

As mentioned in the previous posting, a tiny hook is all that connects the wing binder to the GN Drive.

Unlike the HG 1/144 scale plamo kit version and most other merchandises of 00 Raiser, the wing binder moves via rotation of the GN Drives.

Kind of a surprise there, the shield cannot be mounted onto binders.

The display stand of O Raiser works for 00 Raiser as well.
Flip the connector upwards and mount 00 Raiser onto it - about the same design as the 1/100 scale plamo kit version.

Attaching the long beam saber parts onto GN Sword II.

Total length of the combined weapon is about 25.4cm now.
For a HCM-Pro figure, that's pretty amazing. ^^

While some of the poses are awesome, the combined beam sword is not a very flexible weapon to wield though, unfortunately. ^^;

Changing the position of the binders helps to create dynamic poses as well. ^^

Thanks to the wing binders from O Raiser, 00 Gundam seems more 'complete' in my opinion. Not that 00 Gundam is a bad suit, but I mentioned before that I don't really like the design of the blade shield because of its somewhat displaced mounted rack. ^^; The wing binder on the other hand, when positioned to the front (like the pose in the third picture bottom up) looks very much like a shield to me, which is pretty cool. The hand unit is still free to be assigned a weapon, and the 'shields' are on either side of the arms.

When turned to the back, the binders look very much like wings for 00 Raiser, which is another cool design point. ^^ Come to think of it, the design is a bit strange to me. The tip of the binder on 00 Raiser is actually the front portion of the same component on O Raiser. How does the mechanism for thrusting forward or backward switches between modes is entirely up to your imagination XD

On the other hand, while rotating on the GN Drive is no problem at all, the entire weight of the binders however, rests on the 2 tiny hinge joints between the top and side portion of the GN Drives. That's really the most heavy duty joint of all joints I have seen so far on all my figures. O_O They are doing fine at this point, since they are still new, but I can foresee them loosening up in the future after more action poses, and that's not good at all. ^^ A very tired 00 Raiser it would be at that time. ^^

The last part of my review on HCM-Pro 00 Raiser in the next posting. ^^

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