Friday, December 3, 2010

Figma Drossel Part 3

Finally, natural-looking joints

A look at the articulation design of Figma Drossel in this posting. ^^

Head can move upwards and downwards.

Can turn sidelong as well.

Very flexible articulation for her pigtails ...

... thanks to ball-type joints connecting the parts to the head.
The joints are in clear color, which helps to make them less visible in most view angles.

Dual ball-type joints for the shoulder.

Ball-type joint for the abdomen.

Ball-type joint is also used for the hip.

Hinge joint for the knee.

Some really flexible action poses for Drossel thanks to the combo of all the joints. ^^

Peg joints for the wrist, something very common for the Figma series.

Unlike most other Figma figures that are based on human characters, the joint design of Drossel is very natural-looking to me. The biggest reason is the nature of the character being a robot I believe. Such artificial joints seem normal for a non-human characters. For a human character, take Miyuki for example, all the joints do bug me after a while because they are so visible and unnatural. But of course, I do acknowledge that it's extremely difficult to design the joints in another way fitting to the scale and price range of the Figma series. Same issue for the Revoltech Fraulein, S.H. Figuarts and Figutto series. It's definitely a good thing that Drossel doesn't come with such issue at all.

Also, all the joint portion of the character is in black, so the split between the joints isn't exactly visible.

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Nazrul said...

ur review make me want to get one too...