Monday, December 6, 2010

MG Infinite Justice Part 8


Compilation of a few nights' work for this posting actually, since there are quite a number of parts for the backpack, and the amount of details is extraordinary for a few of them as well. ^^

Very nice color and part separation for the various components of the backpack: yellow for the vents, white, maroon and gray for the beam cannon are just previews. ^^

Line details inside the vents are done using paint in Part 3.

Details on the top portion of the beam cannons' base.

Less details beneath the base.

Parts for the backpack's main body.

Plenty of line details for the vents (?) on the backpack.

Some really awesome details inside the connectors between the body of the backpack and the wing unit. Each part has 2 sides of such details.
It's going to be so much harder with just pen since these lines are situated deep inside the parts and tiny at the same time. ^^;

Painted the hydraulic pipes inside the parts gold and silver using normal pen.

Same gold and silver treatment for the mounting pins between the Gundam and the backpack.
I have no idea the actual function of those pipes, but I love the idea of them in gold and silver nonetheless ^^

The "beak" and some other smaller parts are panel-lined using pen.

Cleaning up the silver paint on the black parts done in Part 4.

Cleaning up the vents on the main body of the backpack. Not as thorough as the wing units. Since the parts are going to be embedded inside their respective compartments on the backpack, I don't really bother the precision of the work.

Not sure why, but the rear portion of the thrusters' mount racks, particularly the base of the thrusters is rigged with tons of details.
Done through painting in Part 3, for very obvious reason. ^^;

Line details on the wings and thruster armor are done using pen.

Normal panel-lining for the silver parts.
The larger gray "vent" is done using paint, much like the vents on the skirt armor shown previously.

Line details on the interior of the yellow thruster armor are panel-lined through pen. I wasn't too comfortable with the idea of splashing this part with black paint (Part 3), much like the white parts for the shield shown in Part 5.

The connectors between the maroon and yellow thruster armors seem too obvious in showing off how the two parts are jointed (as a Gunpla).
Painted with bar with Gundam Marker Yellow.

Camouflage complete! ^^

Returning to the review on the robot princess in the next posting. ^^

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