Friday, December 3, 2010

Figma Drossel Part 2

Flügel Juno Firmengruppe Heizregister, and flowers

Drossel out of the box, and a look at all the accessories included after the introduction yesterday.


"Juno", "Firmengruppe Heizregister"
Text printed behind her head, and on her pigtails (?)
From yesterday, all the text refers to Drossel's really long full name.

Body and legs.

Training mode headgear with very nice flowery deco. ^^

Giant flight mode headgear

Some crazily intricate and beautiful flower patterns decorate the rear portion of the headgear.

Booster units with wings for the flight mode headgear.

The book that is featured in Episode 7.

Anyone want to try and read that? XD
But the precision of the print is unbelievably awesome.

Figma display base and option hand unit set.

Introduction on Drossel's articulation design in the next posting.

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Jose said...

I actually own Aigis from Persona 3 in Figma form. It's the only Figma I own...the Figma figures look great but they're always very girly and I'm not interested in that type of thing.

I was actually curious about Drossel (I thought she was a Vocaloid at first since her pigtails reminded me of Hatsune Miku) but I never picked her up and I think the figure is out of production now...