Thursday, December 9, 2010

MG Infinite Justice Part 9

The passing of a Gundam Marker

Continuing with the work on MG Infinite Justice Gundam after the backpack.

As with all the leg components of MG kits, crazy details as usual. XD

Spent quite a bit of time cleaning the paint for the panel lines done in Part 3 and "drawing" new ones for some that weren't covered by the paint.

Very little details on the leg armors as compared to the inner frame, another common feature of MG kits. ^^
Would be very fast in terms of panel-lining if you just focus on all these armors. ^^

A little bit of "teeth" details on the edges of the white armor parts.

The thigh and hip joint parts.

The foot part and ankle parts.

The knee joint parts.

Line details behind the vent parts on both sides of the leg.

Silver panel lines for the details on the ankle guard parts, and normal black lines for the green thruster part behind the calf.

Some pipes on the leg parts that can be painted in gold and silver.

With all 4 parts gathered, I put a mark behind each of them to identify between the legs.

Painted bits here and there using Gundam Marker Gold and Silver.

While the golden part is OK, the silver part is not obvious at all. Not exactly surprising since the parts themselves are supposedly in silver. ^^;

Painted the hydraulic pipes in gold and silver using Gundam Marker Gold and normal silver marker.

Panel lined the golden parts.

On a separate note, I notice that the paint of my Gundam Marker Gold has turned to brown instead of the usual bling-bling. After a few rounds with the same dark result, and confirming on that after squeezing some paint from the marker itself, it seems that the term of service for that Gundam Marker Gold has finally come to an end. T_T

Not many components left after this particular posting actually. With most of the larger parts done, what remain is probably on the more delicate stuff, which I won't be doing right now. ^^


Alexkinamoto said...

crazy panel line is crazy ^^;

anyway,R.I.P to your Gundam Marker gold.i guess the time has come to youto get anomther one.I've got some problem same like you with the gold gundam marker,but strange that my gundam marker silver is still shiny,though i already have it from 1 years ago XD

Nazrul said...

my white is rip too T_T