Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MG Infinite Justice Part 6

Back to some very usual stuff

Back to panel-lining using pen in the previous posting, and now back to some very usual treatment of my MG kit (or Gunpla in general) in this previous posting. ^^

Details of the shoulder armors.
Cleaning up excessive paint done in Part 3, with some new panel lines added using pen.

Line details on both sides of the shoulder joints.

All parts for the shoulder armors.

Huge contrast between the amount of details on the exterior and interior of the shoulder armors. Some details are available on the "ceiling" and edges of the armors as well.

Not following the manual for the color of the vents on the top of the shoulder armor, so that the lines of the vents would be clearly visible.

Details on the forearm parts are all done using pen.

Luckily the details inside the shield's mount rack portion are just simple lines, so they could be easily done using pen.
It would be much harder to clean if done using black paint and thinner previously.

Gold and silver paint for the hydraulic pipes behind the elbow joint using Gundam Marker Gold and normal pen respectively.

Details on the elbow joint are done in Part 3 and then pen for the lines in this posting.
I perceived the tiny gap and lines to be hard to reach using pen.

Tiny portion of upper arm/elbow joint that is painted in gold and silver using Gundam Markers.

All the silver parts for the arm.

Simple line details on the front/rear sides of the arm.

The painted hydraulic pipes behind both elbow joints.

A bit of add-on: little "screws" on the elbow joints that are painted in gold.

Much simpler details on the various armor parts of the arm.

The upper arm part isn't painted as compared to the manual so that the details can be seen more clearly.
Very much like the shoulder armor vents shown above.

Repeat the work for the parts on the other arm.

Moving on to the waist armors next.

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