Saturday, December 25, 2010

HGM 1/550 Dendrobium Part 7

The tiny big model

Time to finish that shrinked giant. ^^

Starting with the extremes in this first posting of the assembly: the tiny MS figures and the larger main body components.

Parts for Gerbera Tetra

Some parts require cement to put together. This is something you don't find on Gunplas nowadays.


Parts for Gundam GP03S

gp03s completed

Arms can move upward and downward.

Head can turn to the left and right with the little effort done on it in Part 5.

Both figures.

Parts for the main body of Orchis.

Details beneath the main body.

Main thrusters completed.

Connecting the main thrusters to the main body.

Parts for the claws and tail binders (propellant tanks?)

The claw arm units done here are the fixed type.

A tab to conceal the mount rack for the display base.

Parts for the Mega Beam Cannon.

A super long weapon that will take up half of the completed model's overall length. ^^

Details on the body of the cannon.

Parts for the I-Field generator. Just 2 parts for the body and 2 different types of interface to choose from for the display.

2 mount pieces of different size connect the cannon and I-Field Generator to the left and right side of the main body respectively.

The weapon containers and some other extra equipments for the Mobile Armor in the next posting. ^^


Unknown said...

Its looking really good so far. Looking forward to see how it turns out^^

Aya said...

are you really just use markers to paint those mini Mobile suits ?

Blackjap said...

Good work so far :D and Happy Holidays!!