Monday, December 13, 2010

MG Infinite Justice Part 12

School art work stuff as useful as ever

Detailing the pilot cockpit, the last part of MG Infinite Justice Gundam's body unit where the entire work on the various parts of this component have been ongoing for the past 2 postings.

Panel-lined the details first.
The void of any display panel inside the cockpit is something I would like to improve upon.

Since the entire cockpit part is like a little box, getting the size of the "monitor" to be put inside it is very simple - stick a paper tape on the side of the part, then trace and somewhat "speculate" the size of the panel.

Cut out the traced shape from the paper tape and try it out inside the part.
Trim a little bit from one of the corners of the sticker.

Special "tool" for the display panel: shiny metallic tape. ^^

Green is the color I'll use for the kit.

Paste the "template" created just now onto the green sticker and cut it out.

For the opposite side of the panel, reverse the template and hold it down using a clear tape.

Two stickers for both panels. ^^

Get some silver pieces from the foil sticker included for more details.
No real plan goes into doing this so the effect would be pretty random. ^^;

One or two extra sections put onto the 2 sides of display panels.
Not sure what they are supposed to be for myself. ^^;

A little bit of painting using normal pen on the dashboard as well.
Gold, silver and metallic green since they are the easiest to be spotted.

I'm using the metallic tape as opposed to unused foil stickers from some previous work because the tape is a lot thinner than the latter. You can compare between the two in the third picture bottom up, where the smaller extra foil stickers placed on top of the metallic tape stand out a lot. I'm imagining that for having computer monitors inside the cockpit, they cannot be protruding on top of the wall they are sitting on, so the rather thick foil sticker would look rather awkward on the panels.

The metallic tape is pretty easy to find really. Just visit any stationery or bookstore and they should have it, and it should be really low price as well. I got mine (the whole set) for about RM5. Some of the other colors in the set, especially gold and silver will be extremely useful in some of my future plamo projects I believe. ^^

Once again, as you can always find on my blog, average normal daily stuff as useful as ever in Gunpla-ing. ^^


Ren n Tako! said...

simply brilliant. the cockpit jus went from MG to PG. *salutes*

J said...

You've done so much detailing, on pieces no one is ever going to really see..Amazing work!!!

Q said...

Tip-ex and other common stationery in the past, and now metallic sticky tapes ^^; You sure never fail to surprise us with your Gunpla modelling XD

Gugu said...

Ngee I want to be like you when I grow up !