Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Figma Drossel Part 6 [Final]

Run, Miyuki, run!

The last part of my review on Figma Drossel brings out the last Figma figure featured on this blog: Miyuki Summer Fuku Ver. ^^

While the depth is all the box - a common feature for Figma boxes, Drossel's packaging is much bigger thanks to the accessories she has, especially the large flight type headgear mentioned in Part 2.

In terms of the figures themselves, the size is almost exactly the same.

Introduction made, Drossel's down to scary business XD

Exercise with beam saber against Drossel is really too much for Miyuki. ^^;

Run, Miyuki, run!

+1 to the moe-element as usual. XD

Just a little bit more random shots with Drossel.

A very weird-looking Drossel without her mecha hair. ^^;

A very wacky action figure this is. ^^ I like the design of the character a lot even before watching the anime, and after going through 13 episodes of very short clips that is "Fireball", the character seems even more adorable than ever. ^^

Long live the princess! XD

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