Sunday, December 12, 2010

MG Infinite Justice Part 10

Silver lines, I'll just shut one eye to you all

Picking up the work on MG Infinite Justice Gundam again, with the body unit this time.

The body will be a combination of all the tricks done for the model so far, with extensive details to process for the inner frame, either cleaning up the excessive black paint done in Part 3 or new ones to be drawn using my usual method, cleaning up the silver paint done in Part 4 for the details on the armor, and some painting of gold and silver as well.

Some of the parts with the most elaborate amount of details.

The main torso parts.

Painted gold and silver for the hydraulic pipes near the abdomen.
Done using normal pens because of the small size of the parts.

2 tiny spots on the top portion of the body frame - near the cockpit area are painted gold as well.

Painted gold for the interior of the back thruster to make it consistent with the ones on the backpack.

Cleaning up the silver lines of the chest vents.
Having 2 layers of parts for the chest vent is an amazing feature.

Cleaning up the silver lines on the body armor. Not as easy as the black paint since a lot of silver particles would remain on the parts.

Some paint isn't cleaned off thoroughly enough for me, but I'll just look past that since I'm too tired to work on them more than what I already did. ^^;

Some parts inside the black armors are panel-lined as well, just in case they might be seen in certain poses.

Some of the easier parts to handle. ^^

Extensive details in front and behind the small tab that controls the bending of the body.

Line details for the inner frame of the abdomen.

Other parts of the body not mentioned before, with quite a few of them for the shoulder joints.

A lot of details for the neck area and the part that will snap onto the back of the Gundam.

Not done with the body unit yet. ^^; Some tiny but intricate parts, including the pilot figure of Athlun to be shown in the next posting.


Chris said...

You sound exhausted when doing this MG Infinite Justice. The extensive amount of panel lines on this thing is unbelievable. >.<;

Q said...

The silver panel lining on the body armour doesn't seem easy compared to 'normal' black panel lining!

Ex-Mecha said...

Thats alot of lining work..but its worth hehe btw,nice work on the Legend Gundam ^^

Tom said...

That's what I call detail crazy. BTW, can I add you to my blog roll?

Apt-1B said...

Looks great! I love how the monitor's in the cockpit turned out, what a great idea!