Friday, December 17, 2010

HCM-Pro 00 Gundam Part 3

The one 00 Gundam with golden inner frame part

An examination of HCM-Pro 00 Gundam's articulation design in this posting. ^^

Head can be tilted up and down, or rotate left and right.
All the colors of the head are painted with great accuracy. Very nice.

Waist can turn left and right.

Not so much to the front, but for some reason, the waist can be bent backward a great deal.

Much like Gundam Exia, the shoulder blocks can be pulled out from the upper body for much wider articulation of the chest.
And some golden inner frame details for the chest. A feature you won't find on any other versions of 00 Gundam. ^^

Once pulled out, the shoulder blocks can move to the back and to the front to provide greater articulation range for the shoulders.

A more standard articulation design point (as seen on most other merchandises of 00 Gundam): the GN Drive can move upward at the base of the arm inside the backpack, and the base can move as well.

At the peg joint base on top of the arms, the GN Drives can rotate forward and backward as well.
And as you can see, a tiny hinge joints is all that support the movement for the GN Drive. Sustainability for O Raiser's wing binder parts will be an issue. ^^;

So many joints built into the Twin Drive System makes way for wide shoulder movement.

Elbow and wrist joints.

Another set of peg joints for the wrist support the hands to bend inward and outward.

Joints for the front and rear skirt armors as well, allowing them to be lifted upward for a slight degree.

As mentioned in Part 1, the beam saber handles can move upward without any part-swapping.

Surprisingly, or rather disappointingly, limitation of the hip joint doesn't allow the legs to perform a side split wider than what is shown in the left image above.
Two-piece joint design for the thigh joint to make up for the limited articulation range there.

No problem bending the legs to the front and to the back though, thanks to the small skirt armors.

Knee joints can bend for a perfect 180 degree. ^^

Crazily articulated joint design for the ankle and foot. ^^

Details beneath the feet.

More action poses coming in the next 2 postings. ^^

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Unknown said...

wow, so many joints. How's he stand up to other hcm-pro figures or even 1/144 kits in your opinion?