Tuesday, December 28, 2010

HGM 1/550 Dendrobium Part 10 [Final]


Last posting for HGM 1/550 Dendrobium, and normally (for other regular model kits and figures) this would be loaded with pictures of action poses. Then again, how do you pose a little box with claw arms and a giant cannon? XD

GP03S's head is turned to the right there ...

... and now left. ^^
The Gundam figure is just too small to be noticed when the focus is on the Mobile Armor. ^^;

Somewhat plain when viewed from above.

All weapon containers open ...
... for nothing at all XD

Deploying the claw arms.

The memorable scene against Cima's Gerbera Tetra.
No dedicated spot on the figure or extra part given for the beam cannon to be attached to actually recreate the fight scene though, unfortunately.

Versus Neue Ziel.

Go for the I-Field Generator!

Beam saber fight!
The clear yellow beam saber part is actually from HGUC Marasai, not from the actual kit of Neue Ziel itself.

Definitely not as awesome as the fight scene from the actual anime. Neue Ziel is somewhat better than Dendrobium in terms of posing, with movable "shoulder armors" and 2 main arms plus 4 sub arms to play around with. Then again, I must say that both models are really just meant for display, not for any "action pose" at all. ^^;

One of my more favorite scenes: Neue Ziel grabs Dendrobium and presses onto it from behind is not really possible with these 2 models. The sub arms of Neue Ziel come with no joint to wrap them onto Dendrobium.

Unless you're a huge fan of Dendrobium or "UC0083: Stardust Memory", or of model kits with very unconventional design, I don't see much point getting this kit really. Tons of painting required, even for the most basic components like the weapon containers and rear engine portion of the kit, not to mention the actual MS figure of Gundam GP03S. ^^; Also, just part-swapping for all its gimmicks, which I imagine would turn off many people's interest. ^^;

Getting past all those "limitations", the model kit is pretty good for display, just like Neue Ziel from the same series. ^^

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